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Infinite Possibilities with Simple Modular Design of the Ultimate Eco Home

By keeping it ultra simple, modular straw bale panels can build the entire home. Each four by eight foot panel is easily assembled without the need for cutting since most of the materials come in this size. Build the frame on top of a single four by eight foot sheathing or plywood. The frame can be 2″x4″ ripped in half, framing the entire outside edge, with posts every couple feet to give the frames strength. Interior frames can be placed at a bales width, roughly every twenty inches (check your actual bales as they vary). Below shows some of the details of the modular straw bale panel design details. Also note below the “Panel Assembly” showing how the panels can be laid out to create walls up to twelve feed high, or a floor plan that is twelve feet by eight feet, or any combination of these. Now just imagine, the panel assembly can be used as the floor, walls and roof. The panel design below is the essential design element of the entire eco home.

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