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Ultimate Eco Tiny Home

Building a home out of renewable materials is possible when building a tiny or smaller home. Using straw to insulate the module wall panels as well as modular roof and floor panels makes it easy. This home shows how easy it is for anyone to build this way, while also being able to incorporate solar panels, and a green roof.

Straw bale construction has been used effectively for hundreds of years. Straw in buildings dates back thousands of years. In the Ultimate Eco Tiny Home we use an eight by four feet module box system to house the bales. Each wall, floor and ceiling is built exactly the same way and since the ply-wood comes in eight by four foot pieces, there is now extra labour required to cut these modules to size. Bales are typically about fourteen inches think, so the framing that holds the bales and plywood together takes that dimension.

Make the roof a green roof simply requires that the straw bale filled roof panel be enhanced with some two by six around the edges to create effectively a planter on top, and then EPDM (synthetic rubber) is used with an adhesive to secure the water proofing membrane.

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